Thursday, February 8, 2018


                                      For this image i applied the heatwave filter to emphasize the colors in another way rather than the colors you'd expect from a cat.

                                     For this image. I applied the magic wand to edit the color of the background but keep the main portion of the picture (the coffee) as the same color.
In this picture of Chicago, I used the lettering tool where I then customized the font, size, and shadowing of the letters.
Although the cut outs of the surfer and dolphin weren't 100% accurate. I wanted to incorporate a couple things that would be seen in the curve of a big wave like that.
In this picture of a sandwich. I used the crop tool to emphasize the detail and to show the savory delicious close up look to the sandwich. Rather than the original image where it wasn't very clear.
This image was a dog at a computer desk which I thought was funny. The layering tool was used throughout this to double the image as one, showing the same image behind it.

I find Pixlr to be a lesser version of Photoshop. It has anything Photoshop would yet it is slower to react, lags more, and is just generally frustrating to use.

Although there were frustrating parts to these lessons, I could say that I am happy overall with my work.

Pixlr could be used again if you needed to incorporate two images into one with the right cropping and sizing to make it look realistic.

you could also make an image collage with pixlr and combine a bunch of different pictures into one all fitting in one sub genre that your collage would evolve around.

Thursday, June 15, 2017

web design

1. travel information guide, tourism info, places to stay, attractions, etc.
2.yes, i think the layout works well for its purpose
3.more detailed info, bus maps, more destinations throughout the city.
4.spacing each portion of the site out was somewhat difficult, having to deal with padding and making sure everything was evenly balanced.

dubai website

dubai prject